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Clarifoil® Anti-Fog Film For Freezer Doors

Reach-in display freezers often fog when the doors are opened and closed in a busy retail environment. Customers cannot see the merchandise on display and as a result, sales can significantly suffer.

Clarifoil® Anti-Fog film applied on the inside surface of the door prevents fogging and maintains glass transparency enabling customers to clearly see the merchandise on offer.

Contact us and find out how you can save money and improve product displays without disruption to your business.

Clarifoil®’s unique anti-fog effect is comprised of two mechanisms:

  • Hydrophilic surface action spreads condensation into an ultra thin layer that is transparent.
  • Moisture vapour is absorbed by and dissipates from the film unlike coated solutions that only have the hydrophilic action.

Clarifoil® – A Sustainable & Plastic Free Solution

Cellulose, the primary raw material used in Clarifoil® Anti Fog Film is derived from wood, a naturally renewable resource. The wood pulp is from sources that plant more trees than are harvested and ensure no endangered hardwoods are used.

As would be expected of a market-leading material, Clarifoil® can be safely incinerated. Being cellulosic, it is categorised alongside paper and board for return and recovery purposes and can be sent to landfill without any risk of toxic leachate.


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